Silk Pillowcase Ireland

Jul 8, 2022

Silk is a highly absorbent textile.  Its natural fibres can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp.  Silk is warm in winter and cool on the hottest of days.  Luxurious to touch and sleep on, silk has soothing health benefits.  Cancer patients find cool relief from the soft naturally breathing fabric. Silk is recommended during harsh chemo.  With resulting hair loss ,many patients choose to sleep with silk next to their skin.

I began manufacturing the finest quality of silk pillowcases in Ireland at Luxury Linens Ireland back in 1987.     Dedicating my wealth of experience in the industry, I sought to supply homes with quality soft furnishings.  Travelling extensively around the globe I selected the finest materials for my products.  I visited with silk weaving companies in China, Germany and Italy.  I can ensure the authenticity of the raw material and that my products are ethically manufactured.  This is very important to me.

My grandmother produced the finest Carrickmacross Lace used for veils and wedding gowns in the 1920.  Consequently, I have adapted some of those ancient designs onto my embroidered products.   Using Mulberry Silk in 18momme I manufacture a quality product that will endure.  The weight of the silk weave equates to the quality usually and I use the top quality.

Our Housewife Pillow Case Set is our most popular seller

Mulberry silk reeling process

Do you want to purchase the best silk pillowcase in Ireland?  Visit the Luxury Linens Ireland website today. If you would like to have a chat with a member of our team – give us a call on +353 868270007.

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