Irish Linen Napkins

May 2, 2023

At Luxury Linens Ireland we use Irish Linen, a woven yarn which has been cultivated from the flax plant named Linum usitatissimum.  It’s fully biodegradable, eco friendly,  sustainable an a natural choice.  It’s a very durable cloth proven to last for generations and an heirloom investment.

The Irish Linen Industry developed as far back as the 17th century particularly in much of the Northern Ireland counties.  My own grandparents in Armagh grew the ‘blue blossom’ of linen flax during their lifetime.  Flax grows best in fertile, weed-free soil and this environment was in abundance in this region.  Irish linen is defined as yarn which is spun in Ireland from 100% flax fibres. Irish linen fabric is defined as fabric which is woven in Ireland from 100% linen yarns, it doesn’t require that the growing of the flax must take place in Ireland.  Our Irish Linen is woven in Ireland.

We at Luxury Linens Ireland use Irish Linen because it’s renowned as being the highest quality of all the linens in the world.  It’s long fibres and fine dense weave gives it a very high quality and a robust strength.  Irish Linen feels soft and to a finer eye you will see much fewer corrections than average linen weave.  We are proud of our heritage and delighted to use this natural textile for our Irish Linen Napkins.

At Luxury Linens Ireland we use Irish Linen that is made from European ethically sourced flax plant fibres which are woven in Ireland.  A complete history of our wonderful Irish Linen Heritage can be viewed at the Museum in Lisburn N. Ireland.





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