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Refined Irish Linens For Your Table.

Luxury Linens Ireland

Dressing tables with embroided Irish Linen in our unique designs since 1987.

Why Choose Luxury Linens:

 1  Luxurious

Irish Linen is truly luxurious to feel.  It has a soft natural incomparable luscious sheen leaving it the most prestigious of all linens.

2 Quality 

The durability and strength of the natural flax when woven is unparallel, making these crafted tableware products future heirlooms.

3 Natural

This eco-friendly cloth uses flax naturally grown in the fields meaning it’s sustainable and biodegradable




Table Runners


Cashmere Throws


Silk Beds.


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Enjoy the height of elegance and luxury with our wonderful selection of handcrafted Linen Napkins at Luxury Linens Ireland. Enjoy the soft caress of luxury white Irish Linen, the opulent splendor of silk, and the sumptuous feel of cashmere.

We take great effort in choosing the best materials to create Napkins that are above and beyond the standard and turns your Kitchen into a haven of unrivaled luxury and pleasure.

Find a rainbow of colors and textures that will transform your bedroom into a luxurious haven. You can elevate the standard of your sleep with our excellent linens, which have been lovingly made for people who want nothing less than the best. You may shop right away and enjoy luxury with Luxury Linens Ireland.

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